TopicPenis Enlargement Extender - Which is the Best?

  • Wed 14th Feb 2018 - 5:55am

    When the ring is fitted around the penis andMember XXL testicles, the current stimulates the area. This serves a triple purpose for aiding erections. One, the stimulation to the testicles increases production of the male androgen testosterone. Increased testosterone levels result in all-over enhancement of the sexual organs. Two, the stimulation helps keep blood vessels in the penis clear of obstructions or narrowing, allowing for better circulation. The increased blood flow helps power larger, stronger erections. Finally, the stimulation enhances muscle function. When the muscles in the penis function more effectively, they are able to help you rise to the occasion and stay there longer.

    The ball zinger has a few small differences. Users can choose to wear it around the entire package, or around only the penis or testicles. Some users report it gives a current with slightly more voltage than the original Blakoe ring, increasing its effectiveness.The ring's long history of use since the 1950s indicates the device is both safe and effective. Clinical trials in the 1970s proved the effectiveness of the device as both a treatment for incontinence and an enhancer of sexual function and performance. In over fifty years, there have been no reported side effects. When you talk to users of the ring, the only thing you hear from them is how well it works. It is important to remember, however, that self-made versions with modifications to increase electrical current can pose a risk if the voltage is increased too much.


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